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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  February 7, 2024 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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that house, they found a different kind of intruder, a squirrel. watch what happened. >> let's go, let's clear the room by room. check it there, it's a squirrel. i just sigh. we have a squirrel in the house. son of -- oh. yes, you can clear the area. >> we have a squirrel in the house. >> i had a squirrel living in my car, my high school car, it weaseled its way in their and i could not figure it out for a while. >> they like to get in there.
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they're clearing the house from room to room, that was pretty funny. it was great to be with you. not just house republicans i can't get their act together. senate republicans are a hot mess as well. republicans in both the house and senate in what can be called disarray. after failing the actions. projecting americans strength around the world. joe manchin is here. one day away from the first real case before the supreme court. trying to keep his name on election ballots across country. his actions are coming into question ahead. this critical moment for his legal team trying to keep the
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court out of politics. four months to the day since the terrorist it talks on -- the cease-fire proposal that contains crazy demands from hamas. there was a showdown on the senate floor today as republicans failed yet again to agree on a border bill. with what republicans themselves have been demanding. this is one of the most remarkable turns in political history. last fall, senate republican said that any aid to ukraine and israel not be passed unless congress also addressed the u.s. border crisis. and then months later, after a lot of work, that compromise
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happened. they got with the wall street journal editorial board and they are calling it the most restrictive migraine legislation in decades. it is legislation that the curves david supports. on tuesday, mcconnell seemed excited that something would finally be accomplished to address this catastrophe. >> this is a humanitarian and security crisis of stark proportions. senate republicans have assisted for years at this urging crisis. we asked our colleague to leave that action. >> langford did. mcconnell noted that the crisis at the border has never been
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worse. >> the gaping hole on the sovereign borders will not heal itself. >> no it isn't. needs to be fixed by legislators and lawmakers and he thought that republican senators and republicans would read this text, this law, and take yes for an answer. they did not realize that republicans are less willing to cross donald trump than ever before. >> i think the border is a very important issue for donald trump and the fact that he would communicate to republican senators that he does not want us to solve the border problem because he wants to blame biden for is appalling. >> that was january 27th. he thought that republicans would be able to overcome this political pressure from donald trump and then on wednesday, when he met with his fellow
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republicans. >> we had a very robust discussion about if this product could ever become law. it has been made pretty clear to us by the speaker that he will not become law. >> know what he is saying there yesterday, that is not the argument against the legislation, addressing the political reality. the united states will continue to have the status quo at the border so that trump can run against the status quo and blame joe biden for it. do you know who loves a stalemate beside donald trump? >> people are loving the stalemate that we have in this nation today are the cartels. >> that is the republican senator demanding for months
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that democrats work on a compromise with republicans on the border. >> fortunately now, majority of americans expect this administration to negotiate with good faith and this is not a political loser for people that are concerned about voting on the bipartisan compromise. >> it is a political loser. it is now a no vote on this legislation. he had been demanding saying that biden is not implementing the law. the bill, the law, he was demanding to come and negotiate in good faith. that larger package of foreign aid plus border prescriptions failed by a vote of 49 to 50. joe manchin is here, i will talk to him about this in a
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moment. look at the stunning republican dysfunction in the house and the senate. >> it is the story of the 118th congress. the failure to effectively govern and the speaker is struggling to get his agenda through. >> i had many people reach out to me via text message. we are not acting like we are in the majority. >> the longest senate leader in history failing to convince his own conference to back the national security package after five months of peace negotiations over border policy playing out as congress has no way to respond to the crisis along the border with the slimmest of majorities, the gop has struggled to keep the lights on for the government with warfare leading to the first-ever ouster of the
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sitting speaker. eventually giving the task of running the chamber to mike johnson who has faced pitfall after pitfall. >> there are a lot of republicans that do not represent voters. >> after miscalculating to impeach alejandro mayorkas and one vote short after al green voted after surgery. >> i was embarrassed for our conference and our party. we can do better than we did last night. >> johnson downplayed the failure and attacked house democrats for rejecting $17.6 billion in aid to israel. >> this is not a reflection on the leader, it is on the body
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itself. >> many republicans have sided with former president donald trump to kill the bipartisan security deal. >> i wish they had a plan. >> johnson want to get rid of the border plan, there was no point in debating and block the measure today. some on the hard right call for his ousting. >> if republican leaders would actually lead this country. >> mcconnell said that he was listening to the gop demands to act on the border first. >> i follow the instruction of the conference our insisting that we look at this in october. >> there is an effort to move ahead with a major impact aid package for ukraine and taiwan that does not include border security. it's unclear if there are enough republicans on this bill. the national security package
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that included the border policy before republicans voted for and mitch mcconnell voted against moving forward with it. telling me that today i am paced off. >> now with us, joe manchin. it's possible that he is off too. especially since biden took office, is this dysfunction worse that we are seeing this week than what you've seen in the past? would you blame for the failure of the border bill to become law? >> first of all, i'm american, that is how most of us should be feeling right now, how to bring our country together. we saw on the floor today,
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which i can even imagine, you been covering it so many different ways. this reaffirms why i did not run for re-election. i've come to the conclusion that we are not going to fix the political issues in washington from washington. he will be fixed from outside of washington. this is absolutely unheard of what you saw happen. the reversal of the proportion that we have never seen before. 18,000 border patrol agents have all said that this would be the best bill they have ever seen in the last two decades or more. it will control the border and stops catch and release and it is changing the interpretation and definition of asylum. it is not put anybody back in our country. 1800 new agents out in the country to make sure that we adjudicate as quickly as possible people have been let
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go to make sure that they deserve to be here were not. this is why everyone has talked about, forever. they are blaming the biden administration, they have a right to. the biden administration from day one i have disagreed with, when you have a chance to change and everyone come to an agreement with president biden and everyone else agreeing that this bill will give us the tools to secure our border and politics raises its ugly head, absolutely, i'm sorry, that will not be good for my politics. i'm sorry to all my friends and colleagues, this is for america, this is for our country. for your country before yourself. stop worrying about being a democrat or republican. to do this to be re-elected, you should not want to serve. >> just to be clear, what may romney said, i'm not see any compelling argument to the
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contrary, the reason this was going to fail, a few days ago, because donald trump wants the issue to run on against biden and would rather have that and republicans seem to ask we ask that. is that what happened? >> it was moving down a pathway when you put james langford as one of the most sincere conservatives you're ever going to meet with the values and morals of any human being that with a be happy to have, to do what he did for the sake of our country and put this out there and negotiate and get a bill that shuts the border and secures our borders and the democrat friends that worked with him, the president who supported it, knowing that he is to blame where we are today and were going to fix it and now we are not going to fix it.
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trust me, it's worse to do what we did today and often something that needed to be than somebody making a mistake in making you get to where god two. >> in open revolt from some of the seniors because he was willing to work with democrats on the crisis. some were calling for him to step down. we have been talking about the border because they wanted to. critics who cannot pass a bill with dealing with a democratic senate. how would you rate his leadership on this issue? >> i am more respect for mitch mcconnell today doing what he thinks is right and doing what is truly right for our country. we have had our differences philosophically and ideology wise, i understand that. he understands this process and he understands the senate. defending the filibuster which i defend which every breath
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that i have. we have to work together because it allows us an mandate that we do it. that is what keeps this country different from any other place in the world. the sun is a special place, he gets that. he is stepping up and trying to push his caucus it if you will, in that direction. i cannot believe they've done what they did. if i can go home and explain it, i'm fine with it. no president will tell me what to do and no leader of any party will tell me what to do and i have always been that person. for someone to threaten me, go ahead and defeat me. i would not want to be here anyway. >> you alluded to earlier in this conversation, washington will not be fixed from the inside, needs to be fixed from the outside. you're not running for re- election of the senate. cnn is reporting of privately told people that a joe biden health scare word donald trump
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conviction could give you an opening to run for president as an independent. i don't know if either of those events will happen carrier 32 days away from the independent candidate filing deadline in north carolina and utah. what is your deadline for making a decision. >> let's look at super tuesday which will define what we have in lower dealing with. i would like to see the grand old party be grand again in the democratic party be that responsible and sensible voice of the people again. we have everyone going to extremes. they continue to get driven further apart. i will do everything in my power as my daughter is working together. bringing people back together letting them know that your voice will count. the people who will put their country before themselves or their party. they should not be a slave to
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the party. i remember in 1796 that george washington says, beware the political parties. that is exactly what is happened. they are greater than the means. >> always good to have you on, i'm sorry that it is under such disappointing conditions. >> is more than disappointing, it dangerous. this has to be reversed and the people should demand it. those who said they were going to vote, finally we are fixing it and then backed away in 24 hours because someone led them to believe that it will be harmful to their political career. who sent them? do they work for? >> senator joe manchin, great to see you. next, the case that has ties to january 6. what the potential impact will be on 2024. one specific justice has
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unusual experience with capital riots.
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confirming a strike today
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in iraq that killed a commander. natosha, what happened? >> we are told according to multiple local officials in the u.s. that this was a drone attack that killed a hezbollah commander and targeted a vehicle he was traveling in earlier this evening . orting to central command, this was a commander that was directly responsible for planning and participating in attacks on u.s. forces in the region. we do not know that person's identity. the u.s. will try to get better confirmation about if they killed the intended target of the strike. i'm told by another u.s. official that this is part of the plan to respond that president biden had signed off
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on in response to the drone attack in jordan that killed three servicemembers. a multi phase operation that is targeted at these militias responsible for the drone attacks and coalition forces in the region. this is part of that response. they are investigating what exactly happened here. we are told that this was a drone strike on a vehicle that killed this senior figure. >> thank you so much. so we the supreme court is hours away from hearing a historical case. if states kanban donald trump from the ballot. reporting now that the former president is not expected to be in court tomorrow as the nine justices here this important case. >> a longshot bid to get donald
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trump off the ballot in a fringe legal theory. arguments they will disqualify him from holding office because of his role in the capital attack after the landmark decision in colorado's top court that said the insurrection is ban applies to trump. >> trump engaged in insurrection and cannot appear on the ballot. >> he did not engage in he did not lead a charge. >> in the me up to the case, the challengers look for states where they believe they could succeed based on the constitutional provision that has not been tested since 1919. their efforts have been met with mixed results. even california opted to include trump. states should not deprive voters of their choice of
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candidate. >> this whole thing is election interference. >> i want to be at every trial day. >> he will not attend the supreme court arguments. the disciplined approach that the team is taking -- >> supreme court justices are political appointments. >> the justices have been under intense scrutiny with questions about ethics and partisanship. with john roberts, his legacy is on the line. he tries to steer the court clear of politics that divide washington. >> we don't sit on opposite sides of an aisle and we do not
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caucus in separate rooms we do not serve one party or one interest. we serve one nation. >> roberts under pressure to build consensus. >> they would rather not be thinking about these issues. that's what the constitution requires at this moment. >> tomorrow is about ballot eligibility. he only has until monday to let the justices know if he wants to come back to the high court on a separate case. another example for how the supreme court will be one of the biggest influences in the 2024 election. >> thank you so much. you can listen to these arguments live tomorrow morning
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at the supreme court. all of that starting at 9:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow. antony blinken weighed in on the negotiations for the proposed hostage deal that they are nonstarters on the offer from hamas. there is space for an agreement. more from the region for months to the day since hamas attacked israel. stay with us.
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plus, ask how to get up to a $1000 prepaid card with a qualifying internet package. don't wait, call and switch today! four months ago today the terrorist group, hamas attacked the barbaric attack taking 250 people hostage. as they continue to pound gaza in the unrealistic goal of wiping out the terrorist group entirely which is embedded within the civilian population. tens of thousands of gazans have been killed many are on the brink of famine. antony blinken is trying to broker an end to the suffering. jeremy diamond reports on the
1:32 pm
negotiations as israel's longtime leader, benjamin netanyahu, calls the counterproposal delusional. >> the ball is back in israel's court and it has been swatted right back. >> we have not committed to anything, the demands of hamas. there is supposed to be a process of negotiation. >> benjamin netanyahu dismissing the counterproposal for the cease-fire that will see dozens of hostages released from captivity. he is looking for total victory. >> this will justin by another massacre. >> the latest position outlines three phases each lasting 45 days. beginning with the release of women, children, sick and
1:33 pm
elderly hostages. in exchange for the release of palestinian prisoners. and the withdrawal of israeli forces from the gaza population centers. in line with a prior israeli framework. also calling for the release of all palestinian prisoners detained since october 7th. phase two will see the release of male hostages and soldiers. dead bodies will be returned in phase three. the secretary of state is reviewing the proposal with israeli officials. >> there are nonstarters in the hamas response. this is a place for an agreement to be reached. we will work at that relentlessly until we get there.
1:34 pm
>> has negotiations drag on, no respite for those trapped in gaza. overnight, ambulance crews were rushing to the scene of another israeli airstrike, searching for the survivors to rush to the hospital. in gaza, the hospitals are no guarantee of safety. speaking from inside the hospital, this doctor describes the scene at the hospital's main gate. >> how the people are standing, snipers on rooftops and people trapped in fear. >> if anybody would go outside of this gate, he would be killed. >> on a street outside the hospital, a lifeless body explains that fear. she was shot by a sniper. two gaza city, the sounds of
1:35 pm
gunfire sparking panic. hundreds of people waiting for humanitarian aid trucks are now suddenly running for their lives. confusion turns to fear and some rush one way, others run the other. nowhere seems safe. >> now the question is whether or when the israeli military will push ahead into the city that has more than 1.2 million people currently displaced and living there. i'm told that the secretary of state raised concerns with israeli leaders including the prime minister about a potential military operation there and he was briefed by the top israeli general about the potential plans to move into that city in the coming weeks. >> jeremy diamond in tel aviv. thank you so much. a father who has been waiting
1:36 pm
for hamas to free his 23-year- old daughter is here in d.c. speaking to leaders in capitol hill and will join with his reaction to the proposed deal and what he's going through next.
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breaking news from iraq that we told you about earlier. a commander killed with the group, hezbollah, this is the person responsible for organizing the attacks on u.s. forces resulting in the deaths of three u.s. soldiers in jordan. mike johnson had an important meeting, inviting the speaker of israel to
1:41 pm
washington. bringing along their families and loved ones that were kidnapped by hamas or affiliate terrorist groups on october 7th. four months later, today, at yesterday's meeting, his daughter was at the nova festival when hamas attacked and terrorist killed more than 260 people at the site alone. and she thankfully managed to run and meted to a friends car. they killed those in the front seat and she was surrounded by terrorists. and called her family before she was kidnapped and taken to gaza. her mother described the call to me on the way back in october. >> we heard the shooting around them and a lot of people talking and shouting in arabic. someone trying to start the engine and could not. somebody had the phone and that
1:42 pm
day. that is the last thing i heard from my daughter. >> her father is here with me now in studio, thank you for joining me. before that phone call, she was shot in the hand. have you heard anything about her from that day? any other hostages who have been freed or returned, have they seen her? >> for the first 16 days, she was missing. after 16 days and night, the army came and updated us that she is actually kidnapped. an additional 30 days where the people came from the tunnel told us that they saw her alive but severely wounded in the hand. the hand is not functioning at all. the fingers are changing colors because the blood is not running smoothly in the arm. she is taking care of herself with her left arm with bandages
1:43 pm
that expired eight years ago. we are fearing a lot for the functioning of her hand and the condition of her hand. we don't know the condition. it has been 74 days since the last update and we don't know anything yet. >> your family has been persistent trying to get the world to hear this story and pay attention to the hostages days after the attack, meeting with meeting with lawmakers last month and again today in d.c. do you get the sense that these leaders are listening to your story and want to do what they can to help? >> yes, exactly. the first impression and last impression is that all the people in the administration that we met our committed to the release of all of the kid
1:44 pm
nappies for sure. we had meetings with mike johnson and with alejandro mayorkas and all of them are 100% committed. >> there is a proposed deal on the table right now, i'm sure you're following to release more hostages and benjamin netanyahu says there is no way that israel will accept the counter offer which calls for them to withdraw completely from gaza. what is your thought on this? >> i spoke to the prime minister exactly one week ago in his office. we had a two hour meeting. he listened to us with a representative from the families and i think that he knows exactly what to do.
1:45 pm
i cannot stand in your shoes, you cannot stand in my shoes. nobody can realize what we are going through. we are not the admiral or the army or a general, i am a father of that girl and all i want is that my daughter will be released today. i want to hug her, i want to cry with her and i want to best physicians and best doctors to take care of her. >> what do you want people watching right to now to know about her? >> she is my sunshine. she brings light and heat and high-energy to every place she enters. she is a free spirit. she is a professional dancer
1:46 pm
and this is why she attended the festival with her best friend, diana. we miss her a lot. we love her so much. we are sending her high-energy. for her to withstand the brutality and the bad conditions that she is suffering in, i don't know any more brave person in the world, she is my hero. time is of the essence. time is up, basically. we need her with us immediately. >> we will all be praying for her and for you and your family. thank you so much for joining. >> thank you. >> we will be right back.
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and we're back with our orlando lead and a massive russian missile strike on ukraine. the minister of internal affairs says six parts were hit
1:51 pm
including kyiv where bombers killed at least four people and injured 38. while further south, russian troops try to circle a town just north of donetsk. fred pleitgen is in kyiv for us and you reported on how rapidly russia is burning through troops and equipment in those so calls meet assaults. bigger picture. what does the possible loss of that town signal in ukraine's larger fight? >> well i think it certainly is a difficult one for the ukrainians when they've trying to defend that town but it's becoming harder by the day. especially in light of the fact that ukrainians are running low on ammunition. the one thing that's difficult for them to defend against is these so-called meet assaults. essentially what the russians do is send small units of assault troops that continuously assault
1:52 pm
stations. what we're hearing is that apparently in the south of the city and to the north of the city as well, there are some places where the russians have now gained a foothold but they did lose a lot of people in the process of being able to do that. i was in one command center with the ukrainians where you could literally see the ground in those areas littered with the bodies of dead russians and there were some who were still out there who had apparently been separated from their unit. so it's been costly for the russians. ukrainians say the situation there is critical but they don't believe that they've lost that town just yet. they believe, jake, that the russians badly want that town because they want to give putin a win ahead of the russian presidential elections on march 17th, jake. >> the kremlin has granted tucker carlson a rare interview. putin has refused interview
1:53 pm
requests from lots of other western journalists. this also comes as two other journalists are detained in russia. tell us why you think the kremlin might have granted this access to tucker carlson and what that might signal about what putin is trying to accomplish? >> yeah, well first of all, i was in our moscow bureau for about three years and i can't even tell you the amount of times we asked for an interview with putin. almost the last two years, the amount of time we've asked for an interview. certainly it's not for a lack of asking. and also, there was actually a demonstration that took place in moscow just about two days ago of wives who wanted their husbands back from the front line where a bunch of western journalists were detained as well. the kremlin has been pretty
1:54 pm
clear about why they gave that interview. they said they believe he is sympathetic to what the kremlin has to say. a spokesperson for putin says traditional anglo-saxon media, they are not impartial to what the kremlin is saying. they believe tucker is more to their liking as they put it. they said he has a different view and they also said that they believe it makes no sense to communicate with what they call traditional western media because they believe it is not beneficial for them, as they put it. >> fred pleitgen, thanks so much. the breaking news, a new strike killing an american commander. much more from the pent dagon o this strike, next.
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we start this hour with the breaking news. a u.s. military strike in iraq has killed a top commander for the group. the man killed is believed to have been behind attacks on american forces in the region. the u.s. official says the strike is part of the response authorized by president biden last week in direct response to an attack on u.s. troops in jordan. a drone attack that killed three american service members and wounded dozens of others. alex, tell us what you're learning. >> that drone strike against the u.s. forces was a week and a half ago and since then, the biden administration has made clear they will retaliate for that and do it over several phases. what we're seeing now ebwe belie is the second stage. the first was seven facilities that are linked to iran in iraq and syria on friday night. here what we have is a drone strike against a senior militia commander in baghdad in the capital of remark, which is a
2:00 pm
close u.s. ally. this is a drone strike that took place around 9:30 eastern time in an eastern area of background. the commander has not been identified though central command said he was a senior commander of one of the most prominent militia groups in iraq. one of the most powerful iran-backed groups in the region. so we are waiting to get more details about who was struck, but it is clear and the administration is now saying t this, that this is part of what we believe to be an ongoing response in retaliation for the three american service member deaths. >> katai hezbollah is believed to be responsible for the attack in jordan. do we know if this will affect the group's capabilities? >> when that strike happened that killed the three service members, the administration said there was a broader umbrella group that was